The Story of RePaper


We love paper

Think back, for a moment, on paper; how many times have you touched paper,

just today? banknotes, supermarket bills, notebooks, reminders, greeting cards...

Paper is part of our history, the first tests we took in school, the birthday cards

our children gave us, our first job contract. Since its invention about 5500 year ago,

we are surrounded by paper, and it’s the most common consumer product in our daily lives.

Even in the fast-accelerated digital era we live today, this amazing product is far from extinction.

Therefore, even after the invention of e-mails, iPhones and iPads, it’s quite clear -  Paper is here to stay


Make the impossible

Let's stop taking paper for granted, and at the same time - try to understand the

environmental effects it has on the world we live in – from deforestation,

through transportation of raw materials, to wasteful water resources manufacturing.

Hadera Paper Group has decided to change it all together, and that vision has led us

to the creation of the most innovative, unique and greenest paper ever produced.

Introducing RePaper - the world's first paper made from 100% recycled paper:

  • Recycling existing paper, rather that cutting down forests
  • Efficient and smart collection of domestic waste, rather than expensive worldwide transportation
  • Smart and efficient production technology process, rather than wasting natural and environmental resources

RePaper – the future of paper, replacing old, wasteful white paper.

Unlike the recycled paper you all know, where the production process is based

on using cellulose (a wooden components) and bleaching chemicals that cause

environmental damages, RePaper is produced solely from recycled paper products,

a patented technology which enabled us, for the first time ever, to produce a high-quality paper made of reused paper.


Join us to make a difference

Only rarely we have the right for a big change by making a small, simple and

daily choice. Therefore, the next time you hold a paper in your hand, give it

a second look:
If it’s white – it’s an old, wasted paper.
If it has an elegant, sand-colored with fine woven fiber - it’s a paper carrying a story.
Paper with a past, present and future.
Its future holds many experiences of those who used to hold it, in its present 

state lies ourindividual opportunity to benefit from, and its future holds the

promise for a sustainable environment for future generations.



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